Engraving adds the highest level of professionalism to business communications and creates the most elegant wedding invitations and greeting cards. Its precise lines and hand-crafted feel have been the standard of excellence in the printing industry for centuries.

What Is Engraving?

The text or design gets etched into a copper plate, which is then coated with ink. The printer presses the plate into paper, leaving the slightly raised ink on the front of the piece and the tell-tale engraving “bruise” in the back. The opaque inks that engravers use allow engraving to be performed on any color paper, even black. Since the ink is 100-percent water-based, engraving is compatible with laser printers, and it’s the most environmentally friendly printing process.

Why Irwin Engraving

Irwin Engraving has been perfecting the art of engraving since 1922. Our dedication to excellence and craftsmanship has allowed us to outlast the competition to remain the only engraver in the city of Cleveland. As more and more printers cut costs and turn to methods that try to imitate the old-world process, we’ve continued to provide our clients with some of the industry’s finest engraving work.

Compare engraving with any other printing process, and you’ll agree that there’s simply nothing on the market that can match the elegance and crispness of the original. If you’re ready for the “Cadillac of Printing,” trust your project to the engravers who have dedicated close to a century perfecting the craft.

Choose Irwin Engraving for your project to take advantage of our:

  • Dedication to ethical business and customer satisfaction
  • In-house graphic design services
  • Unlimited ink colors to choose from
  • Flexibility to complete extremely limited runs
  • Engravers with more than 25 years of experience each

Browse our portfolio of engraving projects and contact a master engraver at (216) 391-7300 to discuss your needs.