Letterpress is an Old-World printing technique used to add a touch of elegance to everything from wedding invitations to note cards and business cards. Its sharp lines and distinct texture help letterpress-printed projects instantly stand apart from the crowd.

What Is Letterpress?

Johannes Guttenberg invented letterpress with his moveable-type printing press in the 1440s. During letterpress printing, the printer coats raised images and letters with ink and presses them into a sheet of paper. The effect is similar to engraving,  except instead of producing raised images, letterpress depresses the ink into the paper. Although letterpress was eventually replaced by offset lithography for everyday professional printing, it has experienced a revival in the last 20 years among designers looking for an elegant effect for everything from high-end books to announcements and wedding invitations.

See some of the effects letterpress can produce in the samples below. If you believe letterpress may be the right choice for your project, call Irwin Engraving today (216) 391-7300 to discuss printing options, prices and delivery times.