Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Printing

Formal and creative, wedding invitations put Irwin Engraving’s full range of capabilities to the test. We work with designers and studios to create custom invitations with a wide range of printing options like engraving, letterpress and die cutting–sometimes all on the same project.

If you’re designing your own wedding invitations, your printing options include:

  • Engraving: The most prestigious printing option. Unlike most other printing processes, engraving can be done on dark card stocks. Engraving is perfect for ultra-formal weddings.
  • Thermography: An excellent choice if you’re interested in the look of engraving without the expense.
  • Letterpress: The pressed text and images produces an elegant effect. Perfect for thick paper stocks.
  • Embossing: Engraving without the ink. Embossing is a finishing effect that is often used for borders or monograms.
  • Digital and Lithography:  Traditional printing without the imperfections of printing at home or headache of trimming the pieces.

Irwin Engraving has the capabilities to print the wedding invitation you’ve been dreaming about, no matter how few or how many you need. Call us at (216) 391-7300 to learn more about pricing and our past work. We can also provide recommendations for the best Cleveland wedding invitation design studios.